ISO 7241 A Push Pull
Faster 4SRHF Series

Push-pull female couplings for agriculture with higher flow rate, up to 250 l/min


  • ISO 7241-1 part A “ISO A”.


  • Now Implimented as well as used as a Designated replacement for the now obsolete 4SRPV series by most well known OEM’s,
  • Push-pull coupling for high flow rate applications
  • ISO 7241 part A interchange.
  • Flow rate up to 250 l/min.
  • connectable under residual pressure in both male and female side.
  • Can be screwed directly into valve ports or rigid pipes.
  • Breakaway function.

Data sheet

Product Category General Specifications

Brand = Faster
Product Line = 4SRHF
Interchange = ISO 7241 part A
Body Material = Steel
Seal Material = PUR
Gender = Female / Coupler
Working Pressure = 3625.94
Valve Type = Micro Poppet
Connect Under Pressure Allowed Both Halves up to W.P.
Breakaway Function yes
Force to Connect = 250 (N)
Spillage = 2 ml
Working Temperature Min = -25 °C
Working Temperature Max = + 100 °C
Connection Process= Push to Connect
Disconnection Process = Pull to Disconnect
Flow Rate = 250L/min 66 GPM
Body Size = 8

Thread Specifications