Single Product Info


  • Meets or exceeds all USA mandated efficiencies
  • Suitable for use on a VFD. 10:1 variable torque and 2:1 constant torque
  • 1.15 service factor on sinewave, 1.0 service factor on IGBT power
  • NEMA ® JP pump shaft dimensions
  • JMV frame (includes drip cover as noted) for vertical mount without base
  • JM frame has rigid base, drip cover not included
  • Ball bearings, mechanically locked on shaft end
  • Class F Insulation (except as noted)
  • Dual rated motors are nameplated 60/50 hertz, 190/380 volts at next lower HP
  • Standard assembly F1, reversible to F2 assembly (except as noted)
  • UL recognized, CSA certified and CE mark