Stucchi APM Series Flat Face ISO 16028_Connect Under Pressure

Stucchi APM Series Flat Face ISO 16028_Connect Under Pressure

ISO 16028
Connect Under Pressure
Stucchi USA, APM Series Flat Face;


  • ISO 16028 Flat face A series couplings are in accordance with ISO 16028.
  • The interchangeability of size 10 is also in accordance with NFPA T3.20.15 (HTMA).


  • Connects with any ISO 16028 coupler
  • APM Series Male coupling is the Stucchi solution to the problem of the connection in the presence of high internal residual pressure.
  • Patented double internal security valve system in the male part allows the APM series to solve the problem of manual connections in the presence of high residual pressure.
  • Zinc plated hardened steel
  • Seals: Nitrile/Teflon standard NPT-SAE standard ports, others per request
  • Connect up to 30 MPa/4350 psi residual pressure

Connect Under Pressure Overview:

  • Will connect by hand with residual pressure up to 30 MPa/4350 psi locked in the hydraulic circuit.
  • Will connect with residual pressure without releasing any fluid into the environment.
  • The mating circuit will need to be without residual pressure.


  • Mobile equipment attachment tools where exposure to the sun or temperature change causes pressure to develop due to thermal expansion of trapped fluid.
  • Any application where static pressure can get locked into the system.


  • Connects under high pressure by hand
  • No air inclusion during connection
  • Bi-directional Flow
  • Elimination of fluid loss during connection or Disconnection
  • Easily cleaned before connection
  • To connect, wipe the mating surfaces clean, align the coupling and nipple, push together.
  • To Disconnect, Pull back the sleeve on the female and the coupler.

Product Line =APM
Interchange =ISO 16028
Body Material =Steel
Connection Process= Push to Connect
Disconnection Process = Pull Back Retraction Ring

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