Stucchi FIRG Series ISO 16028 Flat Face

Stucchi FIRG Series ISO 16028 Flat Face

ISO 16028
Stucchi USA FIRG Series

Flat Face Overview:

Developed in 1983, Stucchi has supplied the original ISO 16028 interchangeable coupling, and still continues to supply this series due to the good performance, long life and competitive prices on this series.

The FIRG quick coupling, head of the family of flat face has been produced since 1983.


  • Mobile Construction
  • agriculture
  • General Industrial
  • Mining
  • anywhere fluid loss and contamination of hydraulic circuit needs to be eliminated.


  • Nitrile seal with specially shaped anti extrusion rings in Teflon
  • FIRG designed integrated sealing mechanism greatly reduces premature wear by movement between coupler and nipple parts caused by impulse pressure and by the weight of the flexible pipes when the coupling is in horizontal position
  • Interchangeability in accordance with ISO 16028.
  • The interchangeability of size 3/8 is also in accordance with NFPA T3.20.15 (HTMA).
  • Options Couplings: zinc plated steel
  • Nipple: hardened steel for anti-brinnelling
  • Seals: Nitrile with Teflon anti-extrusion ring Viton, Kalzrez, EPDM upon request
  • Ports: NPT, SAE
  • Tight tolerances ensure equal loading of couplers
  • Female seal swaged to prevent extrusion
  • No air inclusion during connection
  • Flat mating surface easily cleaned
  • Non-spill design avoids fluid loss during connection/Disconnection

Product Line =FIRG
Interchange =ISO 16028
Body Material =Steel
Valve Type =Flat
Connection Process= Push to Connect
Disconnection Process = Pull Back Retraction Ring
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