Stucchi VP Series Proprietary Design

Stucchi VP Series Proprietary Design

Stucchi VP Series


  • Made to Stucchi internal Standards. No interchangability


  • Connect/disconnect with residual pressure up to 25 MPa/3625 psi
  • Thread coupling system eliminates brinelling, premature leakage
  • High working pressures: up to 40-60 MPa/5800-8700 psi
  • Valve limits fluid movement during connection avoiding damage to other elements of circuit
  • Low connection force required
  • Safety auto-lock feature upon connecting
  • Fire Tested and Lloyd’s Certified* in compliance with API 16D Test and EUB Directive 36.
  • Lloyd’s document available upon request
  • Flat Face: Threaded Coupling


  • Stucchi VP series is the ultimate solution and most popular for hydraulic circuit applications subject to high pressure impulses, and circuits which experience high residual or trapped pressure in line.
  • The VP thread-to-connect design eliminates premature wear or brinelling associated with locking ball designs subjected to high impulse pressures.
  • The patented internal valve allows connection and Disconnection with high residual pressures.
  • Flat face design avoids loss of hydraulic fluid during connection/ Disconnection.
  • Flat face design is easy to clean, limiting contamination into the circuit.

Applications Features

  • Excavators w/auxiliary
    line for attachments:

  • thumbs,
  • grapples,
  • hammers

  • Oil Field

  • well head drives,
  • porta-power Cranes,
  • drilling machines,

  • all large equipment needing junction points in circuit
  • All construction equipment applications with higher pressure requirements or issues of connecting/ Disconnecting tool attachments under residual pressure
  • Connect/disconnect up to 25MPa/3625 psi residual pressure
  • Save time changing tools

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