Professional Pressure Washers Mojave Series (Supersedes Midclass Series in 2021)

Professional Pressure Washers Mojave Series (Supersedes Midclass Series in 2021)


Robust and innovative.

The Kärcher Mojave series is the perfect all-around machine for
a variety of applications such as agriculture, automotive, and
transportation. The Mojave delivers the highest performance for
best cleaning results – all combined in a robust package. Innovative
features engineered with high quality components make for a
product able to withstand harsh working conditions.

New, innovative, features and upgrades

  • Auto start/stop is standard
  • Equipped with EASY!Force trigger gun, hour meter, status LED, crane hook,
    and other upgraded features
  • Steam stage, longlife hoses, and stainless steel side panels included on
    Premium units

Premium model pictured

1 Higher performance, highest efficiency

  • Best in class with 91% burner performance.
  • Higher cleaning performance due to increased water temperature
    (>135°F temp. rise).
  • Industrial motors optimized for voltage deviations.
  • Large diesel tank (10 gal) for longer hot water operation.

2 Robust and innovative

  • Very robust cage frame with 12″ non- at wheels, casters with brakes, and
    removable side panels.
  • Excellent mobility including a crane hook for loading of the machine.
  • Two water lters for maximum machine uptime.
  • Dispensing system for Kärcher coil and pump protectant included.

3 More features, more options

  • Hour meter included on operator’s panel.
  • Single dial operation with scale up to 230°F on Standard units and up to
    311°F steam stage on Premium units.
  • Operators panel with LED status lights for faster service.
  • Wand and hose holders included.

4 Accessories with best ergonomics in the market

  • EASY!Force trigger gun with zero holding provides maximum user comfort
    during hours of continuous use.
  • Karcher Power nozzle with 40% higher cleaning performance.
  • Hose reel bracket kit available for pivoting hose reel to be mounted on
    top of the machine.


Model Part No. GPM PSI Motor Type Volts/Phase

Amps Steam Mode Pressure Adjustment Ship Weight (lbs) Ship Dimensions (L x W x H) Inches
HDS 3.0/20-4 Ea/Eg Standard 1.109-153.0 1.4 – 3.0 580 – 2000 4-pole 208-230V/1ph 26 No At unloader 507 50 x 40 x 50
HDS 3.5/30-4 Ea Standard 1.109-155.0 2.1 – 3.5 1150 – 3000 4-pole 230V/1ph 35 No At unloader 507 50 x 40 x 50
HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea Premium 1.109-157.0 1.7 – 4.0 400 – 2000 4-pole 230V/1ph 30 Yes Servo Control 550 50 x 40 x 50

“MOJAVE Series” Accessories Table

HDS 3.0/20-4 Ea/Eg Standard HDS 3.5/30-4 Ea Standard HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea Premium Part # Description
Included Included Included 4.118-005.0 EASY!Force trigger gun (German model)
– zero force required
Included Included Included 4.112-000.0 41″ spray lance
Included 6.110-029.0 50′ EASY!Lock Longlife hose with ANTI!Twist connection
(included on premium units)
Included Included 6.110-030.0 0′ EASY!Lock hose with ANTI!Twist connection
(included on standard units)
Included 2.113-007.0 Power nozzle 25042
for HDS 3.0/20-4 Ea/Eg Standard
Included 2.113-021.0 Power nozzle 25040
for HDS 3.5/30-4 Ea Standard
Included 4.115-020.0 Power nozzle 25058
for HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea Premium
Included 2.114-008.0 Steam nozzle
(included on HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea Premium)
Included 4.118-008.0 Servo Control dial
(included on HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea Premium)
Not Included Not Included Not Included 9.808-276.0 Hose reel bracket kit
(hose reel not included)
Not Included Not Included Not Included 8.750-685.0 100′ pivot hose reel
Brand =Karcher

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