079-082 (19) Severe Duty -- Three Phase -- Totally Enclosed -- Blue Chip Series -- Automotive Duty -- NEMA Premium -- XRI -- IEEE-841 -- (Rigid Base) -- (1-350hp)

079-082 (19) Severe Duty -- Three Phase -- Totally Enclosed -- Blue Chip Series  -- Automotive Duty  -- NEMA Premium -- XRI -- IEEE-841 -- (Rigid Base) -- (1-350hp)

Three Phase
Totally Enclosed
Blue Chip Severe/ Automotive Duty
NEMA Premium Efficiency XRI IEEE-841
Rigid Base


  • For extreme applications in the process industries such as chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries, above-ground mines, food processing, foundries, and other severe duty environments where long life and ultra-high efficiency are required.


  • Guaranteed efficiencies offer an eXtra Return on your Investment when using these premium efficiency motors on high cycle or long run time applications.
  • Meets or exceeds NEMA Premium efficiencies, except where noted
  • NEMA Premium models are in compliance with EISA2007
  • Meets IEEE-841 standard for severe duty applications
  • Blue Chip quality, 100% cast iron construction for rigidity and reduced vibration
  • Inpro/Seal
  • VBX bearing isolators on drive end shaft extension TENV and on both ends of TEFC
  • Provisions to add stub shaft for an encoder (182T-449T, TEFC only)
  • Internal and external epoxy paint
  • MAX GUARDclass F insulation system
  • Constant Torque speed range is listed in CT SPEED RANGE column
  • 1.15 Service Factor on sinewave, 1.0 Service Factor on IGBT power
  • Bearing caps (254T and larger)
  • Precision balanced to .08 /sec
  • Extended grease tubes, regreasable in service
  • Brass drain and breather
  • Meets General Motors GM 7E-TA Automotive Duty Specification
  • Meets IEEE45 USCG Marine Duty, API RPI4F for offshore platforms, IP56
  • Meets NEMA MG1 – 1.26.6 Waterproof specification
  • Hazardous Duty Division 2 CSA certification nameplate Division 2 / Zone 2class I (gases), Groups A, B, C, D
  • Meets temperature code T2B
  • Actual test and vibration data supplied with each motor
  • Ball bearings (except as noted)
  • UL Recognized (through 449T) and CSA Certified and CE Marked
  • Five year warranty Suitable for use on VFD per guidelines on page 17.
  • Models through 40 HP are capable of modification as follows (contact factory to confirm):
  • 1.25 Service Factor (sinewave only)
  • 50Hz at same HP, 1.0 Service Factor (sinewave only)
  • Any nameplate changes are subject to modification charges (see MOD Central section)
  • Contact Marathon Electric for optional nameplate markings on 50 HP and larger

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