098-099 (19) Three Phase Permanent Magnet AC

098-099 (19) Three Phase Permanent Magnet AC


  • Condenser fan. These motors need to be mounted within the
    airflow of the fan for proper cooling.


  • High efficiency over wide RPM range
  • Integrated electonic control programmed for constant speed
  • Built-in intelligence and electronic protection
  • Multiple speed/HP operations (3-Speeds)
  • Class F insulation system
  • UL and CSA recognition
  • Permanent magnet rotor
  • IP54 ingress protection
  • Reliable ball bearings (6205 on both ends)
  • 60° degrees C ambient
  • Heavy duty rolled steel construction
  • Accommodates smaller frame size, lighter weight
  • 4 Locating screws 90 degrees apart


  • Drop in replacement for 56-Frame induction motors
  • Suitable for outdoor environments, longer service life
  • Noise reduction
  • Easy installation
  • Lower operation cost

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